TDC/4504 LD02 - The Overlordblaze Toshiki Kai (EN)

Cod: TDC/4504
Peso: 500 gramas
Idioma: EN
Estoque: 0

R$ 165,00

Card Capital

Garanta o seu LD02 The Overlordblaze Toshiki Kai, poucas unidades.

The Overlordblaze Toshiki Kai
- Each pre-constructed deck contains 56 cards (50 card deck + 6 G cards/16 card types including 2 G card types)
- Total of 16 holo cards (RRR), 1 of each card type
- Stand a chance to receive 1 hot stamp card randomly inserted into decks!!

Pre-constructed deck
Special Toshiki Kai Deck Holder (Folded)
Special Toshiki Kai Fighter s Counter
Toshiki Kai Clan Card
2 Special PR cards (Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Overlord the Ace/Reissue, non-holo)
Paper playmat

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