TDC/3790 LD01 - The Dark Ren Suzugamori (EN)

Cod: TDC/3790
Peso: 400 gramas
Idioma: EN
Estoque: 0

R$ 165,00

Card Capital

54 cards in 1 deck.
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- Representative of the Vanguard series, that [fighters of legend] is the world special products to be have deck which was used to image in [Vanguard G]!
- The first edition very popular character of [Ren Suzugamori] [Shadow Paladin] deck!
- Because it is [a powerful pre-built deck] + [drawn by illustrations card goods set], I can start the Vanguard immediately with this product only one!
- In addition, I recorded one English version limited luxurious foil card in the legend deck per!

[The set includes] ... is a set of products than the content.
- Pre-built deck [all 15 species 54 sheets (14 species 50 sheets pre-built deck + G card one four) / New 15 species]
- Special deck holder (Ren Suzugamori), special Fighters counter (Ren Suzugamori)
- Special RRR specification new PR card one, the English version first guide play mat (back side deck Reference)
※ There is not any [special Stray Storage Box (Ren Suzugamori)] and [special mini sleeve (Ren Suzugamori)] to set.
- The deck per legend deck, recorded a single luxury specification card of foil stamping!
※ English version of the card, non-English version of the official, can not be used in certified tournament. (Japanese version of the certified, can not be used in official tournament.)
※ Get! It is not in the Shipping Treasure campaign.

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